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j. angielski

Dear Customers,


Please allow me to present my partnership offer on tourism operations, guidance and management in Poland, Germany and Czech Republic.


   I beg your pardon for my bragging tone, however, working with my company means benefiting from:

  •  tourist satisfaction – guaranteed!;
  •  support in journey organisation, programme preparation, accommodation and catering on Polish and German borderlands;
  •  more than a quarter of a century of experience with tourism services - both locally and abroad (Thankfully, without any noticeable dementia symptoms..);
  •  competence in planning tourist events: regular or customised (bike journeys, aquatic tourism and offroad trips);
  •  fluency and high language skills in many foreign languages – a guarantee for proper communication with all groups;
  •  'case to case' preparation to fulfill each and every need; 
  •  and personal touch.




My motto when it comes to tourism events is simple:


Reqular? - done straightaway!

Uncommon? - ready by tomorrow!

Impossible? - arranged in a week!


   I have developed my own programmes, and I have been using them successfully ever since. It is possible to explore the wonders of Polish, German or Czech borderlands in as little as one or two days. All of my programmes have been tested, verified and revised. Finally, all of them have been highly praised by my customers.

   That is why I sincerely hope that you will find them to your liking. I am ready to provide my services in organising thematic tours for all your customers and my support for events developed by yourselves.

   At the same time, I would like to offer my help in finding proper accommodation both on the polish side of the border and “across the river” . Thanks to my longstanding relations with hoteliers and restaurateurs (local and foreign), you will be amazed by the affordable prices I am able to get for my partners and my customers.

Therefore, I kindly invite you to view my offer.

Kind regards

Kazimierz Meyer